Circle G Tractor Sales, Inc.

 454LE, 45HP, 4WD, 4 cyl Tier IV engine, PS, 2 stage clutch, rops, wheel weights, creeper High/Low, with ZL40 front loader only $15,800 at Circle G TRACTOR SALES, INC. 855-330-5272

JM354LE, 4cyl. diesel, PS, 2 stage clutch, rollbar, w/ZL30 loader $13,500 Call 855-330-5272

                                             JM254LE, 25HP, 3 cyl diesel, 2 stage, H/L creeper with zl20 loader $11,300 

                                                     JM200LE, 20HP, 2WD, 3 cyl. diesel, H/L creeper, 2 stage clutch, 540/1000 with ag tires $6,999, call 855-330-5272.

                                                     Call today and get your's coming! 855-330-5272